DULCE BEATRIZ: Now in Auction at ArtPrice!

by Ricardo A. Alvarez

I am very pleased to share the news that a painting by our featured artist Dulce Beatriz is now being offered in auction through the world leader in the Art Market ArtPrice until 30 November 2012. Below is the image of the specific painting, titled EL TROVADOR,  being so offered:

Oil on canvas by Dulce Beatriz – 30″ x 42″

I invite you to examine this painting closely: notice the eyes which are truly lifelike, the quality is so fine that we would have to go back to the Flemish master Anthony VanDyck to find an artist capable of the same excellence in the depiction of the human eyes. Then notice the expression on the face of the old man, how he holds the mandolin with his left hand while his right hand is ready to pick the strings of the mandolin.  take a look at the musical instrument and you will recognize an old-fashioned Neapolitan style mandolin by its almond-shaped front and the bombee back. Notice the scroll and pegs at the top, the fine lacquer finish and the beautiful reflections of light on the mother-of-pearl inlaid decorations.

From the title of the painting “EL TROVADOR” we know this old man is a “troubadour”, meaning a poet and composer who went around declaiming or improvising his poetry to the accompaniment of music usually played on a mandolin, guitar or a lute. Now look at the expression on the face of the old man, and you can almost hear the sentiment with which he declaims his verses.

This work is an excellent representative sample of the artwork created by Dulce Beatriz in the best tradition of the Spanish School. To see more of the work by this masterful artist please go to GALLERY on the menu at the top of the page.