Additions to our Gallery: Two Paintings by Dulce Beatriz

by Ricardo A. Alvarez

In pursuit of our main objective of offering you as representative a sample as possible of the work of our featured artist, master painter Dulce Beatriz , we have recently added two paintings to the collection, which are now on exhibit in the Gallery for your enjoyment.

These new additions to our exhibits are titled MUJER DE PERFIL (Woman in Profile), which may be viewed in GALLERY 2: Women and Children, and PAÑO ROJO (Red Cloth), now on exhibit in GALLERY 3: Still Life.

You can preview these works of fine art in the images that follow, but please keep in mind that by visiting the specific galleries where these painting are  now exhibited you will be able to view them in much more detail as you click on each image to zoom in.

MUJER DE PERFIL (Woman in Profile) by Dulce Beatriz – Oil on canvas 26″ x 36″ (66.04 cm x 91.44 cm)

MUJER DE PERFIL is a medium-sized 26″x36″ (66.04 cm  x 91.44 cm) painting embodying several of the strong elements that characterize the Spanish School, such as a bright and bold palette, the use of light and contrast between light and dark to highlight specific features in the painting such as the face of a subject or the folds of vestments, and in this specific case also the elongated, elegant flowing forms of the subject, painted from a live model, that are typical of the masterful brush of the artist Dulce Beatriz and reminiscent of the works by a master of the Spanish renaissance, El Greco (1541-1614). This painting is now available for purchase through the world leader in the art market ArtPrice (please visit and search for Dulce Beatriz)

PAÑO ROJO (Red Cloth) by Dulce Beatriz – Oil on canvas 40″ x 50″ (101.60 cm x 127.00 cm)

PAÑO ROJO is a large format 40″ x 50″ (101.60 cm  x 127.00 cm) oil on canvas still life where the artist Dulce Beatriz exhibits her excellent technique in a compositions that takes us beyond the surface where the various components are displayed, to the back wall and beyond to the trees and distant landscape visible through the open window, as well as in the depiction of the fruits and flowers and other components of the display. In fact this painting is so full of bright colors and contrasts, and possesses so much energy that it takes the still life genre to a totally new level.

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