Gallery 1: Old Men

Painting from live subjects, often individuals whom she met during her travels to various countries in Europe, the Middle east and Latin America, Dulce Beatriz captures not only the physical likeness of each person but their innermost feelings through a gesture, the movement of the face or body and above all through her detailed treatment of their eyes. Old men have been a favorite subject of Dulce Beatriz.

In this gallery  you will find a representative sample of works by Dulce Beatriz on this specific subject matter that I describe as “Old Men”. Please visit at your leisure and come back often to view new pieces as they are added to this gallery.

NOTE:  Each featured piece in this gallery is posted on a separate dedicated page. To view and enjoy each work to its fullest, please go to each page and click on picture of the painting and then click again on it for a life-size view that will appear. To return to where you were and continue navigating this or other rooms in the gallery just use the back arrow on the left hand side of your tool bar. You will be able to see individual brush strokes and every single little detail of each masterful work from the hands of Dulce Beatriz.

Page 1 PASTOR (Shepherd)

Page 2 MUSICO CALLEJERO (Street Musician)

Page 3 EL ANTICUARIO (Antiques Dealer)

Page 4 EL TROVADOR (Troubadour)