Gallery 9: MARITIME

The artist Dulce Beatriz has always painted or drawn directly from nature, live models, buildings, the urban environment or staged still lives, creating in the process of this challenging undertaking truly remarkable works of art.

This wonderful ability to translate what the eye sees, whether it is the play of light and shadow, the reflection of colors surrounding the scene, or the innermost feelings and the very soul of a live model into a work on canvas or paper is the mark of true artistry. Dulce Beatriz excels at capturing the essence of her subjects with unequaled clarity and strength.

Maritime scenery captured by Dulce Beatriz on canvas or paper are good examples of her depth and range. To share this class of work with you we now open a new gallery, Gallery #9, in this virtual gallery of art. The works now on exhibit in Gallery #9 are from Fort Myers, on the Gulf coast of Florida and the Miami River, in Miami, Florida and with few exceptions date back to the 1960s and 1970s, which adds an important historical value to them. Please visit this new exhibit, and visit often.

Page 1: Fort Myers 1 (circa 1960)

Page 2: Fort Myers 2 (circa 1960s)

Page 3: Fort Myers 3(circa 1960s)

Page 4: Fort Myers 4 (circa 1960s)

Page 5: Fort Myers 5 (circa 1960s)

Page 6: Fort Myers 6 (circa 1960s)

Page 7: Fort Myers 7 (circa 1960s)

Page 8: Fort Myers 8 (circa 1960s)

Page 9: Fort Myers 9 (circa 1960s)

Page 10: Fort Myers 10 (circa 1970s)

Page 11: Fort Myers 11 (circa 1970s)

Page 12: Fort Myers 12 (circa 1980s)

Page 13: Miami River 1 (circa 1960s)

Page 14: Miami River 2 (circa 1960s)

Page 15: Miami River 3 (circa 1980s)

Page 16: Old Port of Miami (circa 1960s)