This section is designed as a repository of reference material pertaining to the work of master artist Dulce Beatriz, as such it will remain a work in progress where new material will be continuously added.

Most of the material that will be posted here, at least initially, consists of files and other records provided by the artists Dulce Beatriz herself, or by her husband Leonardo Beatriz with their express permission to archive it and to post it here for public viewing by any and all of you who visit  this virtual gallery.

We welcome contributions from our visitors. Should any of you be in possession of, or know of any material that could serve as a reference to events or other activity pertaining to the work of Dulce Beatriz, please let us know via email. reference materials could include news or articles in the printed media, audio or video files, photographs, copies of exhibition programs, auction catalogs or similar materials.

Please visit this section of our gallery as often as you’d like. Happy referencing!