TROVADOR (Troubadour)

EL TROVADOR (Troubadour)

“El TROVADOR (Trobaudour) by Dulce Beatriz Oil on Canvas 30″ x 42″ (76.2 cm x 106.7 cm)

This work from the Old Men collection by Dulce Beatriz critically and faithfully captures the essence of what a troubadour is, a composer and performer of lyric poetry. This particular old man, painted from a live model, is caught as he declaims with plenty of sentiment a verse of his own creation while his right hand appears ready to pluck the double strings of the old-fashioned Neapolitan mandolin he holds with his left hand. The expression of the eyes and mouth reflects the emotion with which this troubadour expresses his poetry. As we watch him, we expect we will listen to the soprano voice of the instrument at any moment. Take a look at the instrument itself, and you will see this is quite a detailed rendition of the Neapolitan mandolin, from its almond shape and bowled back, to the tortoise-shell pick-guard below the sound-hole, and the mother-of-pearl inlaid pieces reflecting the light. In the best tradition of Dulce Beatriz, she captures the very soul of this artist in the expression of his face. His dexterity in plucking the mandolin is clear in his long, slim yet muscular hands developed over the many years of practicing his craft.

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