12 December 2012: Six paintings by Dulce Beatriz now at auction with ArtPrice!

Six paintings by our featured artist Dulce Beatriz are now offered at auction through the world leader in art market information ARTPRICE ! You can view these lots online by visiting http://www.artprice.com where you can select ADS/AUCTIONS from the top menu, then clicking on ‘Art’ from the drop menu and then entering the name ‘Dulce Beatriz’ in the box where you are asked to ‘Enter key word’ , followed by ‘OK’.

Take your time looking at each of the paintings, and the details provided with each lot up for auction. You may also submit your bid at any time up to the posted hammer time on 26 December 2012.

The lot number for this auction and an image of each of the paintings are shown below:

ARTPRICE AUCTION LOT No. 930066:‘COPA DE VINO” by Dulce Beatriz


ARTPRICE AUCTION LOT No. 930091:  “PARTITURA” by Dulce Beatriz




ARTPRICE AUCTION LOT No. 93105: “PAÑO ROJO” by Dulce Beatriz




ARTPRICE AUCTION LOT No. 930154: “EL TROVADOR” by Dulce Beatriz


You can also learn more about each of these masterful works of art by Dulce Beatriz by visiting GALLERY on this site, and then going to Gallery 3: STILL LIFE to view the first four lots, and then proceeding on to Gallery 1: Old Men to view the last two lots. When doing this keep in mind that by clicking on the images themselves you can actually zoom in and view them in the same detail as if you were standing in front of the physical work of art itself.

Participating in this auction and placing bids through ARTPRICE is a simple and secure process, which you can do online at any time during the auction period from the comfort of your home or office, from a laptop, smartphone or digital tablet. Payments for winning bids flow through an especial escrow account at a reputable established financial institution, which will only release the funds when shipment has been confirmed so that both sides of the transaction are fully protected at all times.

Regarding the experience of participating on an online art auction, a recent report by one of the world’s leaders in the field of art auctions, Christie’s Inc., close to 30% of all bids at recent major art auctions at major internationally established auction houses have been placed online, and that percentage appears to be on a growing trend.

With the value of fine art having increased by close to 40% since 2010 on a worldwide basis, acquiring paintings such as those shown here will not only bring the pleasure of viewing and admiring an excellent work of art by a recognized master artist, but it also is a smart investment much more especially so in these times of market uncertainty.

Enjoy your online auction experience, and keep coming back to this site to view our future additions to this unique collection of works by Dulce Beatriz and other artists.

Additions to our Gallery: Two Paintings by Dulce Beatriz

by Ricardo A. Alvarez

In pursuit of our main objective of offering you as representative a sample as possible of the work of our featured artist, master painter Dulce Beatriz , we have recently added two paintings to the collection, which are now on exhibit in the Gallery for your enjoyment.

These new additions to our exhibits are titled MUJER DE PERFIL (Woman in Profile), which may be viewed in GALLERY 2: Women and Children, and PAÑO ROJO (Red Cloth), now on exhibit in GALLERY 3: Still Life.

You can preview these works of fine art in the images that follow, but please keep in mind that by visiting the specific galleries where these painting are  now exhibited you will be able to view them in much more detail as you click on each image to zoom in.

MUJER DE PERFIL (Woman in Profile) by Dulce Beatriz – Oil on canvas 26″ x 36″ (66.04 cm x 91.44 cm)

MUJER DE PERFIL is a medium-sized 26″x36″ (66.04 cm  x 91.44 cm) painting embodying several of the strong elements that characterize the Spanish School, such as a bright and bold palette, the use of light and contrast between light and dark to highlight specific features in the painting such as the face of a subject or the folds of vestments, and in this specific case also the elongated, elegant flowing forms of the subject, painted from a live model, that are typical of the masterful brush of the artist Dulce Beatriz and reminiscent of the works by a master of the Spanish renaissance, El Greco (1541-1614). This painting is now available for purchase through the world leader in the art market ArtPrice (please visit www.artprice.com and search for Dulce Beatriz)

PAÑO ROJO (Red Cloth) by Dulce Beatriz – Oil on canvas 40″ x 50″ (101.60 cm x 127.00 cm)

PAÑO ROJO is a large format 40″ x 50″ (101.60 cm  x 127.00 cm) oil on canvas still life where the artist Dulce Beatriz exhibits her excellent technique in a compositions that takes us beyond the surface where the various components are displayed, to the back wall and beyond to the trees and distant landscape visible through the open window, as well as in the depiction of the fruits and flowers and other components of the display. In fact this painting is so full of bright colors and contrasts, and possesses so much energy that it takes the still life genre to a totally new level.

Enjoy these wonderful additions to our virtual gallery as you visit us, and please keep coming back so that you may also enjoy everything we have on display and new additions in the future.  When visiting please take a moment to register as a subscriber to our virtual gallery, it takes less than a minute and it is absolutely free, so that you will be the first to be notified of new exhibits and other offerings here. To subscribe look on the left hand of the page and look for ‘SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG VIA EMAIL’ and just follow the instructions, all you will need to do is enter your email address and then click on ‘Subscribe’. You will then receive an email from us indicating how to confirm your registration, and that is all.

Also while visiting and admiring these two new additions to the Gallery, and other works of fine art exhibited here, please be so kind as to leave us your comments relative to any specific work of art or to your overall gallery visit experience, as this will be of great help in continuing to add to the collection for your enjoyment.

DULCE BEATRIZ: Now in Auction at ArtPrice!

by Ricardo A. Alvarez

I am very pleased to share the news that a painting by our featured artist Dulce Beatriz is now being offered in auction through the world leader in the Art Market ArtPrice until 30 November 2012. Below is the image of the specific painting, titled EL TROVADOR,  being so offered:

Oil on canvas by Dulce Beatriz – 30″ x 42″

I invite you to examine this painting closely: notice the eyes which are truly lifelike, the quality is so fine that we would have to go back to the Flemish master Anthony VanDyck to find an artist capable of the same excellence in the depiction of the human eyes. Then notice the expression on the face of the old man, how he holds the mandolin with his left hand while his right hand is ready to pick the strings of the mandolin.  take a look at the musical instrument and you will recognize an old-fashioned Neapolitan style mandolin by its almond-shaped front and the bombee back. Notice the scroll and pegs at the top, the fine lacquer finish and the beautiful reflections of light on the mother-of-pearl inlaid decorations.

From the title of the painting “EL TROVADOR” we know this old man is a “troubadour”, meaning a poet and composer who went around declaiming or improvising his poetry to the accompaniment of music usually played on a mandolin, guitar or a lute. Now look at the expression on the face of the old man, and you can almost hear the sentiment with which he declaims his verses.

This work is an excellent representative sample of the artwork created by Dulce Beatriz in the best tradition of the Spanish School. To see more of the work by this masterful artist please go to GALLERY on the menu at the top of the page.